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Private Paintball Parties 

Play Only with Your Group.

See the Calendar


$40 per player.

$320 private party minimum


Plan to be on site for 4 Hours

Players will be exhausted.


Includes everything you need to play:  Gun, goggle, camo Jacket, body armor, metered paintballs & compressed air or CO2 tanks.





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Join a Green Day!

Play with others!

See the Calendar


$30 per player.

Small Groups and Single players,   this is your day!


Everyone is welcome to join these Days! Walk-ons welcome.


New for 2015

We will split the attending players into two groups playing separately.


Option #1 All the gear (gun, goggle, camo jacket, metered paintballs, and air) $30 per day. Great for novice players. 


You will be allowed to join group #2 at any point, and receive your prorated balance of paintballs.

Option #2 Same as above,
$30 Per Player for the day but group #2 will receive 500 rounds of paintballs upfront, and have the option of purchasing additional paintballs $10 per 500.  Air to 2500 PSI, air and gear included for no extra charge.

Camping available Friday and Saturday Night, $10 per Camper.

See the Calendar

Attention Paintball



Due to warmer weather we are making a change for our Option #2 Players on the green weekends (see calendar)


This change is designed to reduce the complexity  of the games and allow us to start faster.


Simple Games including our  classics: king of the tower, Capture the flag,

and Bomber with Re-entry, will require little explanation.


This Summer Schedule

will allow us to begin play much  earlier and will provide you many more games per day.


Please be onsite at 9AM so we can get Started faster.


It's never too early to Reserve your Gear for a Green Day!

Camping:  No Camping during the wet Season.

May will be your last chance to camp until November.


Join our email update list, so you will know about any schedule or weather updates

Under 18 ???  Download, Print, and get Parent to Sign Your Minor Waiver!!!

We do not retail paintballs or any products for off site use.

For retail sales call B&D Paintball  941-484-7045